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To peel or not to peel- that is the question!

woman having a chemical skin peel

Well in all honesty, there is no question needed. Chemical peels are always a good idea- and there is an option for everyone (even those with darker skin tones)!

Chemical peels are an advanced skin treatment, used by professionals to tackle a whole host of skin concerns. Chemical or skin peels harness the power of acids and active ingredients to deeply exfoliate the skin, at the same time stimulating collagen production and new cell growth. With the ultimate goal to get younger, fresher looking skin (what’s not to love about that!).

Chemical peels come in different strengths and are often classed as ‘light, medium and deep’, depending on which layers of the skin the acids are targeting. All peels offered at Cotswold Medical Aesthetics are either ‘light’ or medium’ strength. Most chemical peels contain a combination of acids or active ingredients as they work in harmony to improvement the overall results. Plus this beautifully designed cocktail of ingredients often results in reduced downtime.

At Cotswold Medical Aesthetics, we have peels to help tackle; pigmentation, acne, scaring, fine lines, dull skin, general ageing as well as redness prone skin (even rosacea!). We even offer a ‘pre event’ peel that will leave you feeling super glowy for a big day with little downtime. All peel treatments are thoughtfully designed with your skin in mind, ensuring results are as you expect. Peels should be considered as a course of treatment and for ultimate results, bespoke home skincare is often necessary.

During your treatment your face is thoroughly cleansed before the peel solution is applied to the skin. It is not uncommon to experience some mild discomfort during the application, stinging and warmth is quite normal, if this feels too intense then the peel can be removed sooner but results will still be seen. Most peel solutions are then required to be removed from the skin or neutralised. All peels are finished off with a good amount of hydrating serum and SPF to ensure protection from the sun.

Despite being called a ‘peel’, a large number of clients won’t experience peeling! This does not mean that the treatment has not worked, modern peels are so beautifully formulated that they do not cause the level of skin shedding some fear. Some like skin flaking is quite normal for a day or two, the key is to keep the skin really hydrated. If you are using strong actives or acid ingredients in your home care then you may be asked to stop these 48-72 hours prior to treatment and not to restart until 5 days post treatment.


images of chemical skin peels, Phformula

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