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Polynucleotides- An Introduction to regenerative treatments

Updated: Apr 18

DNA double helix chain

If you follow a lot of aesthetics accounts or like to do your own research, it’s likely you will have heard the word ‘Polynucleotides’ (PN) offered as a ‘new’ treatment option for anti-ageing. However PN’s have actually been utilised in general medicine for a long time, mainly the world of wound repair and you can find an impressive 90+ clinical studies to evidence their use.

Polynucleotides are ‘bio-stimulators’, they are often seen to be like a skin booster however unlike skin boosters, PNs purely target stimulation of a persons own natural fibroblasts which in turn enhances cellular turnover, increasing collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid molecules. They have an incredible ability to aid tissue repair hence their use in wound healing services. PNs do not offer immediate hydration like a skin booster would, they are more of a progressive treatment where results are seen over a period of time.

PNs are derived from salmon or trout DNA (so sorry they are not suitable for vegans or those with a fish allergy) because it closely resembles human DNA.

PN’s can be considered as a treatment option practically anywhere that we have ageing concerns! For example some amazing results have been for the following:

  • Eye area - dark circles, thin/crepey skin, great option for those not suitable for tear trough filler

  • Rosacea - due to its anti-inflammatory properties, this is a good treatment option for the redness associated with rosacea

  • Hair loss- fibroblast stimulation will regenerate hair follicles

  • Acne scaring - collagen production will help to smooth scarring

  • General anti ageing properties - smoothing fine lines and improving skin texture

Whilst PN’s are still an injectable, they come with minimal risks compared to dermal fillers, toxins and skin boosters and are the perfect option for those clients who either are not suitable for toxin/dermal fillers or are wanting a more natural, progressive result. They are great as an introduction to injectable treatments for newbies or as an add-on for those already well rehearsed with injectables but want that little bit ‘extra’ or have specific target areas of concern.

Most people will require 2-3 sessions- more for those wanting to improve hair growth and acne scarring. Results are usually seen after the second session -although Ive seen some really positive improvements after first sessions. A booster session around 6 months post initial treatment is recommended. Downtime includes swelling, bruising and redness.

Before and After under eye treatment ( 4 weeks post initial treatment):

Before and after polynucleotides under eye

If you'd like more information on polynucleotides, and whether this treatment is the best option for you, book a consultation with Rachel today!

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