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Ageing Concerns

Ageing Concerns

As we get older, our skin changes and we start to notice volume loss in certain areas, fine lines and wrinkles plus thinning, dehydrated skin. All of these concerns occur due to anatomical changes within our bodies from bone loss, tissue/muscle/fat depletion or redistribution and depletion in skin cell health due to collagen loss. One of the most important things to consider when getting a little older is finding ways to boost or ‘bank’ your collagen. This can be done through using key active ingredients in your skin care such as retinol and vitamin c along with in-clinic treatments such as PHformula chemical resurfacing (peels), radio-frequency and micro-needling. If you want to step treatments up a gear then using dermal fillers is a great way to replicate volume loss in areas such as the lips or cheeks and create definition in the jaw or jowl area. Dermal filler can also be used in very delicate areas such as upper lip lines to soften, plus those slight deeper lines that we find between our nose & mouth (nasolabial folds) and mouth to chin (marionette lines). Injectable skin boosters or polynucleotides are an excellent way to bring hydration back to dry and dehydrated skin as well as paying a vital role in stimulating collagen. For fine lines and wrinkles, Toxin injections are an extremely effective way to either soften or irradiate lines associated with muscle movements in areas such as the forehead, frown and around your eyes. Toxin injections are also brilliant for softening a downturn/sad smile, smoothing out a dimpled chin or helping to smooth out neck lines.

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