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Acne Blemishes and Scarring

Acne Blemishes and Scarring

Although most common in teenage years, acne in adulthood is not unusual. Acne most often presents as pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and at is worst, red, inflamed papules & cysts. It is caused by an over-production of oil within a hair follicle (often stimulated by hormone changes), bacteria builds up resulting in spots. There are a number of treatment options available at Cotswold Medical Aesthetics to treat acne, often starting with a change in skincare routine at home which can involve prescription topical treatment, Within clinic, regular treatments such as PHformula skin resurfacing (peels) and LED Light Facials are excellent & effective choices. If you have been left with acne scarring then microneedling or polynucleotides would be suitable options.

Recommended Treatments:

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